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Me and My Shadow

Gemini is the sign of the twins, and is ruled by Mercury – the messenger to the gods. Just from that piece of information we can tell that Gemini rules communication and tends to move around – physically or mentally.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Mercury takes short trips delivering messages from god to god, so Gemini favours taking short trips. This is a great time for a few days away – a break from routine. We’re at the six – month mark of the year, so take a short break and refresh your energy. It’s wonderful what a weekend away will do for you.
Gemini is an air sign and therefore deals with the mental plane and how we think. It is also the sign of the twins – duality. So, does our thinking reflect duality? Are things black and white, am I right you’re wrong? Do I think with my head or my heart? Gemini teaches us to see both sides without blame or judgment. We can lead with our heart, but still see clearly where we are going and think through the plan to get there. They are not mutually exclusive. Every part has its part to play. Duality also recognizes that we have a public side and a shadow side – the side we hide or bury. Our shadow holds all the emotions, behaviour and thought patterns that we may need to clear in order to move forward. Sometimes we’re aware of them, sometimes not. There is no need to judge our shadow side – it is a cherished part of us, the part that, when recognized, helps us to grow. This is a great month to seek out the shadow, to ask it to help us to heal.
Communication is a big part of Gemini’s gift. It covers communication devices, of course, as we all prepare for problems in that area when Mercury goes retrograde. But it also rules the spoken and written word.
Gemini, along with Sagittarius – its opposite sign –  are not well known for tact. They both have foot in mouth disease. So, now is a time to reflect on how you communicate. Do you use gentleness in your choice of words? Are you precise in your expression, choosing words that say what you mean? Words are vibration, and affect at a vibrational level. Listen to different words and take note of how you feel in your body when you hear them. For example, “love” has a very specific vibration. “Hate” also has a very specific vibration. Say these words and see how you feel with each. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be aware of how words affect you at a feeling level. Then listen to how you communicate and see if there is anything you would change. I’d love to hear what you find. Let me know.


Slow Down and Smell The Roses

In Aries, we did the pushing and focusing in the birth of our newness – new awareness, new ideas, new life structures, new ideas. Now it’s time to nurture ourselves after all that work to IMG_0019birth and also to nurture what we have created.
Taurus, the Bull, reminds us to slow down. As the bull, it generally takes it’s time, plodding, taking time to rest and rejuvenate, time to smell the roses along the journey.
Slowing down can be very difficult to do, to let go of the need to always be doing something. But when I slow down, take a good look at my activity – how much of it has actually served to move me forward either physically, mentally , emotionally or spiritually? And How much of it have I really enjoyed?
Those quiet times, those times of reflection, help us to be aware of beliefs that need to be shifted, ideas that have outlives their usefulness. As we grow older, we understand that it’s important to enjoy what we do, how we live. Learn that as early as possible – it’s what keeps us young.
So, your mission: Get out and take a walk. Look at the gardens you pass, stop and greet the new growth. Ask for a Robin to say “hello”. Greet the Sun, the Moon, the Wind, the Rain. Acknowledge them as part of your life – as part of you. Enjoy the scent of Spring – the lilacs will be out soon. By doing this, you nurture and appreciate Natures’ rebirth, and will feel that rebirth in yourself.
The Bull is also a stubborn creature. Push him too far and he’ll dig in his heels. He may be a patient one, but don’t get him angry.
So, Taurus teaches us about patience; patience is a virtue, remember? We’ve grown into a society demanding instant gratification, but dreams need time to grow, to flesh our, to manifest and be reworked as we change. Nothing is ever “done”. It’s all a work in progress – as are we. Allowing the time for things to percolate, allowing people to cahnge in their own time, is so satisfying, when you can do it.
The other side of the lesson is knowing when to draw the line – the point at which the bull charges with steam coming out of it’s nostrils (remember the cartoons?). What are your limits? Where are your boundaries? Self awareness is so important, so take some time in contemplation to discover your limits and your values.
Stubbornness can also lead to stagnation. That “I’m not going anywhere or trying anything new, especially if it was not my idea”. If you find that parts of your life have stagnated, where are you resisting change? Change is a constant in life on Earth. If you are stagnating, things need to be shaken up. Invite the change, welcome it. Try saying “Dear Universe, I am ready to accept the change that is needed in my life to help me move forward. Please help me be aware of, accept, and walk through any fear that may present itself on this new journey, and let me move forward with confidence.”
So, some questions to ask yourself:
  • Do I welcome change? If not, how can I be more open, more courageous?
  • Is there an area of my life that is stagnating? If so, how can I shift this lack of movement?
  • Do I understand what my core values are? If not, what are they?
This is a time of year when things start to open up, to blossom. Enjoy the process.

New Moon in Aries – New Beginnings

The last lunar cycle, in Pisces, we built a strong inner base through learning trust, surrender to our intuitive knowing and guidance. We learned how to find inner calm through meditation, yoga, time in nature.
Now, we are in Aries, a fire sign, with the New Moon in Aries on Thursday April 7, 2016. This is another sign where the focus is on the Self, but this time we focus on how we are in the world. Are we authentic, true to ourselves, are we ready to move forward? Are we ready to be the initiator, the leader? Are we able to stand on our own with courage and strength, while still being aware of others and how we affect them?
Aries is the first New Moon in the new Lunar Calendar. We ended one cycle in Pisces and are beginning a new cycle now. What we do, how we think, in Aries, sets the tone for the Lunar Year. This New Moon, choose what you need to focus on with that in mind.
This sign is ruled by Mars, the red planet. Mars rules the blood. The Sun is in Aries, and the Sun rules the heart. The heart pumps the blood throughout the body, bringing new life to our existence. ( We have the opportunity to bring new life, new inspiration, new direction to our lives. This is our opportunity.
Aries is the warrior. It learns through action, through doing. Experience is the best teacher. As the new shoots push out through the earth, we push our inspiration, our new ideas into the physical. We take risks, we take action, and we move our lives to the next level. What is the next step for you? talks of this month as a month of change, excitement and higher awareness. We are moving from chaotic and unexpected change to planned and structured change (with the influence of Saturn Retrograde). This is a transition period. It suggests that we take time and care during these transition periods. Explore things carefully before before we jump into new opportunities. So, consider that next step, look before you leap, but do leap.
If you are setting intent for this New Moon, here are some samples:
  • I am asking for the courage to be authentic in everything I do.
  • I am asking for guidance and the ability to hear that guidance, around my next step.
  • I am asking for the perseverance, tenacity and courage to go after what I want to create this year.

Do You Have 5 Minutes?

This month there are two new Moons in Pisces, this Wednesday and again March 20. It alwaysOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAseems to me that when that happens, two New Moons in the same sign, there is extra need for what that sign has to offer, what it supports us to bring forward. So this month, this section is short and sweet. I’ll add some padding to Pisces next New Moon.

Pisces asks us to move into our power, to give up being a victim, a defeatist, one who goes into a panic. This year we’ve been given two chances to initiate that, two opportunities to trust, to take a step forward with support.

To me, this feels like the Universe saying “it’s time to believe in yourself, to trust that you can be the best you possible, that you can fulfill your dreams. Trust me to support you.

And that takes getting to know yourself. And that means spending some time with yourself, So, turn off all the devices that make us feel so busy, the t.v., the phone, the computer etc. Shut them down so you can hear yourself think, feel yourself feel. Put down the book. It’s someone else’s words, not yours’. Just sit. In the sun, in the dark, it doesn’t matter. Take a couple of deep, slow breaths, and just be.

Let thoughts flow through without the need to catch and hold them. Just observe them as they flow. Do the same with feelings that may come up. Sometimes, you may have a question. Ask, then wait. Allow whatever comes to come. If nothing comes, just relax and enjoy the quiet time. There are no guaranteed results, and no guaranteed time frames. Sometimes I feel peace, sometimes I feel centred, sometimes I get answers. Sometimes nothing happens. What will happen for you, I can’t say. It’s up to you to find out.

Try to do this for even 5 minutes a day. Then pay attention. Can you feel a difference? If you can keep with it, be consistent (which is what I am working on) anything can happen.Stay tuned for the next New Moon in Pisces.



New Moon in Sagittarius 2014 – Optimism on its Way

This New Moon is on Saturday the 22nd of November.

Sagittarius is the seeker of truth of the Zodiac. She is the Archer, shooting her arrows, always searching, always optimistic there is something wonderful ahead.

IMG_20141111_142806As the truth seeker, Sagittarius looks to traditional religion and spiritual connection to higher guidance. They connect with prayer and places where people worship – churches, synagogues, mosques. They search for truth in all of these places.

Sagittarius reminds me of the wild child, as in wilderness. They love to be in nature, having a strong connection to the elements, the bush, wide – open spaces – all aspects of nature. This connection helps to bring peace of mind.

Sagittarius loves to travel. They’ll follow those arrows they shoot all over the globe. They are the epitome of the adventurer and explorer. Offer them a trip and see how fast they pack. They can be very spontaneous.

People born under this sign really don’t like to be tied down. They’re restless and need to keep moving. This New Moon is an excellent opportunity to take a look at what might be fencing you in, smothering your spirit. If it’s something physical, it may not be possible to do anything about it, at least not at the moment. However, you can change how you think about it and express it. Reframe the situation; express it as having a choice as in “ I am choosing to “ instead of ”I have to”. That simple change can make a difference. It’s very empowering.

If it’s something mental or emotional, you can work to change it with awareness.

Sagittarius rules the law and higher education. It is said that people born under this sign make excellent lawyers and teachers. Their love of finding the truth helps them to shine. They have a high standard of ethics and conscience.

This sign is not as rosy as those born under it would have you believe, though. Sag needs to take off the glasses once in a while to see things as they really are.

They can be terribly candid, to the point of bluntness, and if they are not careful, can permanently have a “foot in the mouth”. Learning tact would be good for those born under this sign. They can also be a little self-righteous. They really don’t know it all, and really aren’t better than every one else.

This New Moon we are given a little extra support to change these behaviours and invite in the best of Sagittarius.

Physically, Sag rules the hips, thighs, liver and sciatica.

If you are setting intent for this New Moon, here are some samples:

  • I am asking to learn to be tactful, taking others reactions and feelings into account before I speak.
  • I am asking to be open to spontaneity in my life.
  • I am asking to have more travel opportunities presented to me.
  • I am asking to understand the truth of who I am and what I need in this lifetime to be happy, content and fulfilled.


Young Living Essential Oil of the Month – Into the Future

In a period of transition it is very easy to hold onto the past and a past vision. This essence helps us to let go of what was and focus on what we can create from our potential. It helps us to move forward with vision, without fear of the unknown and the future. And it smells really good.

I’ve been using this essential oil for about two weeks now. I’m noticing that the little voice in my head that usually says “you can’t” is now saying “why not – let’s give it a shot!” I’ve been so excited about “Into the Future” that I’ve been sharing it everywhere. It gets rave reviews and people come back for more.

There are a lot of ingredients in this essence. I’ll give them to you briefly:

Frankincense: to overcome stress and despair

Clary Sage: to enhance circulation and hormone balance

Jasmine: to unlock past blocks, alleviate nervous exhaustion

Juniper: to create feelings of love and peace

White Fir: to ground, anchor and empower

Orange: to bring joy and peace

Cedarwood: to improve thoughts, cognition and memory

Ylang Ylang: to increase relaxation, balance male/female energy, restore confidence and equalibrium

Idaho Tansy: antiviral, anti-infection, antibacterial

White Lotus: to overcome self-defeating thoughts

If you would like to try it, give me a call.

(from the  Essential Oils Pocket Reference) 






New Moon in Virgo 2014

This is a very interesting time of year. It is still technically summer, but a lot of us have already started to gear up for what almost seems to be a “new year”. It doesn’t quite fit either inOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA summer or in autumn, and in fact, in Chinese Medicine, it is a season on it’s own. It’s a transition time, and as such, has a quality all it’s own. If you pay attention, you can feel the energetic shift from the more laid back energy of summer to the more focused energy of autumn. Thankfully, we have the influence of Virgo to help us adjust.

This New Moon on Monday August 25th is in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is an Earth sign, a very grounded sign ruled by Mercury, who never seems to stop moving. That might give you a hint about Virgo. This is a sign of organization and getting ready. Traditionally, this is a time of getting ready for fall and winter. It’s harvest season, and the men would be gathering the crops and getting the fields ready for winter. The women would be busy putting down preserves, filling the root cellar with vegetables and fruits that would not be available fresh locally in the coming months. It was very grounded activity, very connected to the rhythm of the Earth. There was an orderliness to life in the past, a rhythm that we now either have to create for ourselves or listen very carefully to hear.

Virgo rules physical health, healing and healers. Virgos are attracted to all things natural and pure – healing, nature, being connected to what they are doing – albeit at an intellectual level. Virgos are interested in health and nutrition, understandably as this is a time when we adjust our diet and our physical activity. As the weather changes, our wardrobe changes, our sleeping habits adjust. Our children go back to school (or we do), and we focus more on the business at hand. We suddenly need to be more organized in order to do what we need to do in a day.

Luckily, the Virgo energy will support us in taking care of details, getting organized and getting back into a more structured routine. Virgos tend to be hard on themselves, though. Taking a step back from the details to look at the big picture once in awhile is a good thing. It allows us to see progress.

Life is incredibly chaotic right now. Our personal lives are often too busy, and if we extend our view to what is happening in the bigger world, chaos seems to rule. Taking even just a part of our lives and reclaiming them with peace and serenity is a starting point to helping the global chaos.

People born under the sign of Virgo can be worryworts if they are not careful. Their desire for perfectionism in what they do may lead to blame and both self-judgment and judgment of others. Take a deep breath and let it go…. All of that non-helpful energy can lead to bowel and intestine problems, and give digestion difficulties. A good deep breath can massage those areas, bringing a little peace.

If you are setting intent this month, here are some suggestions:

  • I am asking to be more careful and attentive to the details in my work.
  • I am asking to relax the need for perfectionism and allow myself to go more with the flow.
  • I am asking for inspiration around diet and activity changes that will improve my health and my life, and the fortitude to follow through.
  • I am asking to bring more peace into my life by being more organized and “on top” of what needs to be done.
  • I am asking to release all judgment of myself and others, and to take responsibility for my actions with love.



Essential Oil of the Month – Valor

This is my personal favourite of the Young Essential Oils that I have tried so far. Valor means courage, strength and self-confidence, and to me that’s what’s contained in this little bottle.

Valor was the first oil I tried when I was introduced to Young Living. I was instructed to rub a drop between my hands then apply it to the spine at the base of the neck. I sat quietly for a moment to experience my body response. I felt heat that extended all the way down my spine, then felt subtle movement in the joints. I was astounded. I later found out that it is affectionately known as “chiropractor in a bottle”. It helps the energy alignment in the body.

Valor is a blended oil, made up of Spruce (opens and released emotional blocks), Rosewood (relaxing, empowering and uplifting), Frankincense (stimulates the limbic system, promotes courage and determination) and blue Tansy (cleanses and calms the limbic system, promotes feelings of self control) in a base of almond oil.

You can use Valor in a diffuser, inhale it, or apply it to the neck, spine, chest, wrists and/or bottoms of the feet.

Young Living Essential Oils can be layered. I often use Valor with Lavender or Abundance. If you’re layering, put the Valor on first, then 5 to 10 minutes later add other oils. That way, valor gets to do it’s thing in preparation for the other oils.

Here’s an interesting video on Valor. It shows the blood cells and how they are affected by sugar and then by Valor.

If you’d like to try Valor, give me a call and we can get together with Valor.



New Moon in Leo 2014

This last month in Moon ruled Cancer, we have been nurturing ourselves and others. We took time to “take stock” of where we are in life and perhaps make some decisions. We grounded into home and family so we can once more emerge and get down to business – whether thatis a great summer bash or literally back to busness.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe have moved into sun-ruled Leo, a sign that is about the self, but not so much in a reflective way. Leo is a sign that moves out from the self, rather inward. Do you see the rhythm? The in-breath and the out-breath; lunar to solar.

This is the traditional holiday time in Canada – the end of July and beginning of August, and Leo is an active sign that enjoys a good time. This is the time for a summer romance – Leo likes it intense – as hot as a summer day.

Leo is known as the Lion – courageous, loyal and royal. When those born under this sign are in their element, aligned with true Leo, they radiate self-confidence, leadership, strength and stamina. Leos can be powerful people – they have that potential. Leo’s can be very determined and focused people – great attributes if we want to move forward.

Leo loves to be in the limelight – getting the attention. When confident and standing in their power, they are a great addition to any party or endeavor. They just have to take care not to move into self-centredness or ego.

People born under this sign are often creative. They love to express themselves through the arts and various projects. This seems to be an aspect of Leo that is being underlined this year. We are being asked to step into our creativity, to experience more creativity in our lives. So, pick up a paint brush, do a collage, learn to knit. Whatever tweaks your interest.

Leo’s are very loving, encouraging others with kindness. They are loyal friends and partners and can be quite generous.

Physically, Leo rules the back and spine, the heart, exhaustion and inflammation.

If you are setting intent this New Moon, her are some samples:

  • I am asking to develop strong, benevolent leadership qualities, inviting people to follow me, not demanding.
  • I am asking to be guided to the best healing techniques, guides and products to heal my back and spine.
  • I am asking to realize self-confidence and stepping into my power in order to follow through with my plans, goals and creative ideas.
  • I am asking to have a joyful fun vacation this year.



New Moon in Taurus 2014

Welcome to New Moon in Taurus. Taurus is the sign of the bull, so you can probably guess what some of its’ characteristics are.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Bulls are known for standing their ground. They have four feet firmly planted. They often have resistance to change, fear change and may have a lack of trust.

Four feet means that they are well grounded and earth bound. They enjoy the earthly pleasures provided by the senses. Physical comfort is important. Having a massage, wearing cashmere or silk, using fragrant oils would appeal to Taurus.

People born under this sign either have or need to develop (are developing) a strong sense of self-worth.  Setting boundaries, understanding your value system and living by it and accepting yourself exactly as you are, are things we are supported to learn through the energy of Taurus.

During Aries we planted our seeds, getting ready for new growth. When we move into Taurus, sometimes there is resistance to that growth. Taurus can be afraid to let go, but we need to let go of the old to make room to make room for the new. This involves surrender and trust, a releasing that can soften the heart. There is no mistake in this is the season of Spring Cleaning. We need to let go of all the “stuff” that no longer serves us on the physical level by cleaning house and cleaning our bodies. This is liver cleanse season to clean internally. We also need to give up those emotions and behaviours that no longer serve us.

Taurus is a sign of patience and dependability. This is the energy of taking one step at a time and experiencing life fully. Taurus has a great appreciation and gratitude for the simple pleasures.

So this is a time to be methodical and patient. It is a time to face our fears, let go of resistance, and trust that things will work out. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey, take time for simple pleasures and be grateful for this life.

If you are setting intent this New Moon, here are some samples:

  • I am asking for the courage to let go of whatever no longer serves me on all levels.
  • I am asking to open my heart by surrendering and trusting.
  • I am asking to develop a healthy sense of self-worth, while acknowledging the worth of those around me.