Essential Oil of the Month – Lavender

Essential oils have been called “the missing link in modern medicine”. We see references to their use throughout history, not only for the fact that they can smell great, but for medicinal purposes. They have been used to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses, as insect repellent and to deal with bites. They also help us to relax, lift our spirits, and feel better.

I started working with Young Living Essential Oils about 2 months ago, so I am going to share my experiences with them as I go along. The oil that people seem to be most familiar with is Lavender, so that is the first oil I’ll share.

I’ve used Lavender for years to reduce stress, taking a whiff now and then when needed. The Young Living Lavender oil is the purest I have ever smelled, and I have absolute confidence both putting it directly on my skin and ingesting it.

I use Lavender for stiff muscles in my shoulders and neck. These lead to headaches very quickly for me. Tracing the headache line with the oil brings very quick relief. I can feel the pain lifting off in sheets. A friend of mine uses it to prevent earaches. He puts it on the side of his face in front of his ear and swears by it.

I’ve also used it on cuts and burns. I burned my finger on the stove element, put lavender on it twice, and the pain went away, as did all trace of the burn. Granted, that was not a very large burn, however French scientist Rene Gattefosse severely burned his arm in a lab accident, used lavender oil on the burn, and found that it sped up the healing and promoted tissue restoration. (from Essential Oils Pocket Reference, Life Science Publishing).

Medical properties of this oil are listed as: antiseptic, antifungal, analgesic, anti-tumoral, anticonvulsant, vasodilating, anti-inflammatory, reduces blood/fat cholesterol, and combats excess sebum on the skin. Who’d have thought it has all of those uses?

There have also been studies done on it’s ability to increase relaxation, reduce depression and increase alertness. (some notes from Essential Oils Pocket Reference, Life Science Publishing).


4 thoughts on “Essential Oil of the Month – Lavender

    1. Web Support

      Hi Beth,

      I can order any of the oils for you that Young Living carries. We can go through them when we get together. Anything in particular that you’re interested in?

  1. Carla

    I didn’t know that I could use lavender essential oils in so many ways. I use lavender essential oil all the time. I put some drops on my pillow for better sleep. I have also used it when I spayed my puppy so that she could remain calm. I would recommend lavender essential oils, it really works.


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