Essential Oil of the Month – Valor

This is my personal favourite of the Young Essential Oils that I have tried so far. Valor means courage, strength and self-confidence, and to me that’s what’s contained in this little bottle.

Valor was the first oil I tried when I was introduced to Young Living. I was instructed to rub a drop between my hands then apply it to the spine at the base of the neck. I sat quietly for a moment to experience my body response. I felt heat that extended all the way down my spine, then felt subtle movement in the joints. I was astounded. I later found out that it is affectionately known as “chiropractor in a bottle”. It helps the energy alignment in the body.

Valor is a blended oil, made up of Spruce (opens and released emotional blocks), Rosewood (relaxing, empowering and uplifting), Frankincense (stimulates the limbic system, promotes courage and determination) and blue Tansy (cleanses and calms the limbic system, promotes feelings of self control) in a base of almond oil.

You can use Valor in a diffuser, inhale it, or apply it to the neck, spine, chest, wrists and/or bottoms of the feet.

Young Living Essential Oils can be layered. I often use Valor with Lavender or Abundance. If you’re layering, put the Valor on first, then 5 to 10 minutes later add other oils. That way, valor gets to do it’s thing in preparation for the other oils.

Here’s an interesting video on Valor. It shows the blood cells and how they are affected by sugar and then by Valor.

If you’d like to try Valor, give me a call and we can get together with Valor.



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