Expanding Our Vision – New Moon in Aquarius

IMG_20141111_142806Last month we started dreaming and planning what we want to accomplish in 2016. We were focused inward, on the self, and on what those plans could do for us. Now, it’s time to expand our vision to include “the other”, to take a wider view, a world view. How do our plans affect and enrich others?
January 22nd we moved into the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign, working with the mental realm. It is a sign that is focused outward, toward the future. It’s an objective sign, and can be dispassionate.
Aquarius is also a sign of innovation – finding new ways to do things. So, even though we may feel stuck in the “same old, same old”, there will be something we can change to make it more interesting. Some people find themselves in situations that they, for some reason or other, cannot leave – taking care of an ill child or parent etc. You may be stuck in a situation, but there is always something you can change. It may be in the environment or in yourself – the only person you can change. Maybe there is something that is not working that we can let go of – like an attitude or belief system. For example, if you change “have to” to “want to” in your mind, in your speech, everything can change. Are you finding ways to carve out moments of freedom? Are you growing personally through the experience – gaining patience, understanding? What is this experience bringing you? Nothing is ever wasted. Look for the gems, and honour them.
Looking at our lives and the events in them from a different direction, a different perspective, can help us to gain awareness of the underlying cycles or patterns. This is where talking to a friend can help, getting a different perspective. The vibration of Aquarius is here to support us, so let’s take advantage.
This is also a great time to look at other restrictions in our lives, those things that hold us back. Restrictions are either created by us, or accepted by us at some level. They are often ways to keep ourselves safe, to keep ourselves small. Some of us don’t want to be seen or heard, for reasons we may not even understand. But by keeping ourselves small, we deprive others of our wisdom, our light. It serves no one.
So, your mission this lunar month, should you decide to accept it, is to uncover if and how you are restricting yourself from leading a most joyous, fulfilled life. Then at New Moon, intuit ways to do things differently. Take some quiet time, maybe pull out your tarot, maybe just sit and breathe, and tune into cosmic wisdom.
Physically, Aquarius rules ankles, calves and circulation.

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