Finding Connection

We entered the sign of Sagittarius around the 21st of November. This is a fire sign – bringing light and warmth to these dark days. Sag. is an optimistic and cheerful sign, looking to the trees not leavesbright side of things. The symbol for this sign is the Centaur – half man – half horse. This indicates that Sag. is deeply connected to nature, and the four feet of the Centaur help keep Sag. grounded.

Centaurs , as the story goes, were a wild and savage lot, warring and raping etc., except for two of them, Pholos and Cheiron. Cheiron is who I believe Sagittarius is modeled on. He was good of heart, a seeker. He tutored Apollo, he was an advisor to many humans and deities, so he had a clear connection. He learned about medicine, the arts, science, philosophy, things the other Centaurs cared nothing for. His aim was to find harmony in nature.

Now is the time of the seeker, on both an external and an internal level. The energy is there to support it. Externally, we may search for truth in books, in philosophy, in debate. We observe those around us and note reactions. Internally, we search for connection, the truth of who we are at our core. We search for that connection and harmony in nature and to Source.

The external seeking is easy enough – there are books, courses, the internet. But how do we find that deep connection to ourselves and Source?

!. My first suggestion is to ask. If we don’t ask, how is the Universe to know for sure what we want? Know in your heart that this is what you want. Be sure – no waffling. That as good as negates your asking.

“I am asking to develop clear connection and communication with my guides and higher self/Source.”

An understanding of what this communication might look like is also a good idea. There is not always the voice in the head. It may be a feeling in the pit of your stomach, an intuition, something someone says or something you read that triggers an answer. It may be a wonderful warm feeling in the heart. Expand your idea of what this communication looks, sounds, feels like and know that it will happen. Faith is a great tool of the Sag.

  1. My second suggestion would be to create space for this to happen. If we are always busy, our heads are always full, there is no room for communication. Stop. Close your eyes. Breathe. Wait. Turn off the t.v., the cell phone, the computer. Disconnect so you can connect.
  2. Spend time in nature. I’ve always felt that nature was God’s/Sources Cathedral. That’s where I would go when I needed to feel the connection and receive clarity. Just be. I had a favourite tree in the bush behind our house that I would sit and lean against. Being there never failed to soothe me.
  3. If you are able, do some internal work to clear the pathways. Join a yoga class, do meditation and Reiki or another healing and clearing technique. The clearer you are, the easier it will be to make the connection.
  4. Be grateful for every opportunity in your life. Gratitude is an exceptional way to create connection.

For years now, I have used a prayer at night to express my gratitude. I gift this prayer to you:

“Thank you for this life, and for this opportunity to __________________(learn, heal, serve, be, feel, help, etc. I choose one that represents what happened in my day).”

I hope you find it beneficial. Happy Sag.


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