New Moon in Aquarius


So, did you have fun with the Capricorn energy, delving into all those material matters? I certainly did. Taking a brutally honest look at expenditures was a little uncomfortable, and a bit of a surprise, but my planning is all the better for it. It was a very grounding month.

Now, we have moved into Aquarius. This is a totally different energy. It’s all about being innovative, thinking outside of the box, and being your authentic self, no matter how outrageous. What a fun time! We’re being invited to let loose our imaginations and recognize our brilliance. Take a chance, do something totally wild, out of character.

Aquarius also rules freedom, and we’re seeing struggles all over the Middle East with regards to this. The timing was impeccable. It also rules highest and best good outcomes for all concerned, so lets pray that that is what happens.

Aquarius also rules seeking knowledge and tools of divination, such as tarot, I Ching, Astrolgy, Numerology. How auspicious that this is Chinese New Year. Do you know your sign according to the Chinese Zodiac? Here is a website to help you to find out if you don’t know. It will tell you what sign you are and what element you are within the sign.

This month the energy supports us in developing friendships, joining groups, networking etc. with open friendliness and forthrightness, so drop that aloofness and fear of involvement and get out there. Who knows what’s waiting for you?

Physically, Aquarius rules ankles and claves, varicose veins, circulation and cramps. Movement is a good thing.

If you are setting intent this lunar month, here some examples:

I am being joyfully creative in my approach to obstacles.

I am courageously following my dreams.

I am open to meeting new people and welcome them into my life.

Enjoy Aquarius and have a great month.


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