New Moon in Aries – New Beginnings

The last lunar cycle, in Pisces, we built a strong inner base through learning trust, surrender to our intuitive knowing and guidance. We learned how to find inner calm through meditation, yoga, time in nature.
Now, we are in Aries, a fire sign, with the New Moon in Aries on Thursday April 7, 2016. This is another sign where the focus is on the Self, but this time we focus on how we are in the world. Are we authentic, true to ourselves, are we ready to move forward? Are we ready to be the initiator, the leader? Are we able to stand on our own with courage and strength, while still being aware of others and how we affect them?
Aries is the first New Moon in the new Lunar Calendar. We ended one cycle in Pisces and are beginning a new cycle now. What we do, how we think, in Aries, sets the tone for the Lunar Year. This New Moon, choose what you need to focus on with that in mind.
This sign is ruled by Mars, the red planet. Mars rules the blood. The Sun is in Aries, and the Sun rules the heart. The heart pumps the blood throughout the body, bringing new life to our existence. ( We have the opportunity to bring new life, new inspiration, new direction to our lives. This is our opportunity.
Aries is the warrior. It learns through action, through doing. Experience is the best teacher. As the new shoots push out through the earth, we push our inspiration, our new ideas into the physical. We take risks, we take action, and we move our lives to the next level. What is the next step for you? talks of this month as a month of change, excitement and higher awareness. We are moving from chaotic and unexpected change to planned and structured change (with the influence of Saturn Retrograde). This is a transition period. It suggests that we take time and care during these transition periods. Explore things carefully before before we jump into new opportunities. So, consider that next step, look before you leap, but do leap.
If you are setting intent for this New Moon, here are some samples:
  • I am asking for the courage to be authentic in everything I do.
  • I am asking for guidance and the ability to hear that guidance, around my next step.
  • I am asking for the perseverance, tenacity and courage to go after what I want to create this year.

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