New Moon in Gemini 2013 – Lighten Up

fig treeAfter the wonderful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, we have moved into the sign of Gemini. New moon in Gemini is Saturday the 8th of June, 2013.

Gemini is an air sign and so it resonates with the mental body – or thought. Geminis are clever, quick thinking beings who appreciate the facts, enjoy formal education and connecting at an intellectual level.

Geminis tend to be excitable people. They can be flightly and may need to be grounded frequently. That excitability may cross the line into nervousness, inability to make a decision and asking too many questions (a nervous habit that leads to no decisions). A good dose of grounding really helps.

I have Gemini as my rising sign and was often ungrounded and not in my body. One of my Reiki Masters decided to do the Tera Mai grounding symbol over my feet every night for two months. Now, I’m pretty grounded. That makes it much easier to move forward in life and accomplish what I want to do.

In contrast to their excitability and indecisiveness, Geminis can be very logical people. This makes them good at putting things together, at fixing things and knowing what goes where. They’re very clever. These are people who are aware of the options – just not always able to choose which one.

The sign of Gemini supports great communication – both written and spoken. So if you always wanted to take a writing class, start journaling or join Toastmasters, this a good month to begin. It’s so much easier when the energy supports you.

Geminis are the social creatures of the Zodiac. They love meeting people, having conversations. They are great people to invie to your next get-together. They’re witty and think well on their feet. They are light – hearted people who enjoy variety.

Physically, Gemini rules shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. This is hay fever time of year, and it’s been an active year for it. This is one of Geminis sensitivities, and affects the ability to breathe freely. Also the nervous system may be a weak point for Geminis. So, do lots of conscious breathing for both of these conditions.

If you are setting intent for Gemini, here are some samples:

  • I am asking to increase my ability to make decisions in a timely fashion with confidence, trusting what I know to be true for me.
  • I am asking to learn how to deal with nervousness in a healthy way that is easy to integrate into my life.
  • I am asking to become an effective listener, paying attention, controlling my need to interrupt and interject, having patience, tact and respect for the speaker.

Have fun with Gemini. It is a light-hearted, spirited sign with much to teach us. Enjoy.


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