New Moon in Leo – Find Your Inner Lion


Friday August 14 is New Moon in Leo. Last New Moon cycle, in watery Cancer, we pulled in a bit, focused on home, family, emotions. It was an intense month, with two powerful Full Moons. This cycle we’re in a fire sign that is focused more outward. This is a sign of having fun, getting people together to celebrate or just enjoy. Even though this is a fun-loving sign, it is the last month before school starts, before vacations traditionally end and we focus again on the regular work schedule. Is there something that we need to look at, to shift before that happens? This is the perfect time to go within and be honest with ourselves and make the changes so we are ready for the next cycle.

This sign brings visions of Leo the Lion, majestic, courageous, as in lion-hearted, loyal and lionproud. We are supported during this time to enhance these qualities, or to tone them down, in our lives. Are we loyal to our friends and family? Are we there for them, do we support them in their growth? Are we generous with our love, with our kindness. With Venus in retrograde, past relationships may be coming forward, either physically or mentally, so we can take another look. These are great questions to ask ourselves, and set intention around if something needs to shift. Remove the barriers to finding your inner lion.

Leo is a very creative sign, so dig out your creativity. Plan a sizzling party, start a creative project, pick up some coloured markers or whatever catches your fancy and lose yourself in the moment. Leos have great focus. When they decide to do something, there is great follow through, strength and courage. So get going. This is a time to dream, to vision, as well as to create. Take time to find your dreams this month, for next month, we start looking at the details of those dreams.

Leo holds the leadership skills for the Zodiac. Leo’s like to be at the front of the line, in the spotlight, getting the accolades and attention. They have pizzazz, they’re dramatic, self-confident. They can sparkle. Find your sparkle and spread some of it around.

We are also being asked to find our courage this month. If you are harbouring fear, whether it belongs to you, to someone else, or to a past incarnation (if you believe in such things), it needs to go. We are being given support right now to find it and heal it, so this is a big project this month for many of us. Call on Leo the Lion to help you, call on your guides to show you where the fear is hidden.

So, if you are setting intent this New Moon, here are some samples

  • I am asking for the courage to face my fears.
  • I am asking to bring more fun into my life.
  • I am asking to see where my creativity lies, to access it and enjoy being in the moment.
  • I am asking to realize my leadership abilities, using them with respect, courage and pride.


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