New Moon in Pisces


March has always been one of my favourite months of the year. I love seeing if March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion (or vice versa), I love the St. Patrick’s Day parade, with the pipe bands and all the liveliness. I also love the vernal equinox, the promise that it brings of Spring, of new beginnings, of fresh starts. And I love the wind.

New Moon is coming up on Friday the 4th of March, and is in the sign of Pisces. When I investigate the attributes of Pisces I see such amazing qualities to aspire to and work toward. One of the ones I aspire to most is to be in joy, or enjoy, each turn of the road, each quirk in my path, as well as when things are moving on the straight and narrow. We can intend to be in joy, no matter what is served up to us (or we serve ourselves), and make our lives much easier. We forget it is our choice, how we feel, and to feel quietly joyful is much easier on the blood pressure and the ulcers than the alternatives.

Pisces also rules states such as confusion. Confusion is a wonderful state, it can be all-consuming, and getting out of confusion gives us the opportunity to stop, to breathe, to meditate, to get in touch with our gut responses, and see a little better who we are. It allows us to gain clarity.

Imagination is one of our most important attributes. Without imagination it is difficult to dream, to see who we might be, what we can work toward. Our imagination provides an inexpensive holiday, without leaving home. We can imagine basking on a beach, or visiting our special imaginary place where we relax and feel good. It can help us to relieve stress in harmless ways, in ways that can support us to grow.

Being aware of subtle energies is also part of the Pisces energy. We can be supported now more than usual, to heighten our awareness, to tune into our awareness and to use our awareness of these energies. Tune in to feel is this where I want to be, is this the direction I want to go in, is this the right class for me, the right teacher, is the timing right? We may feel these energies differently, it is up to each one of us to discover how our bodies and sensing systems wish to work with us. Some people have sensations in their solar plexus, some get itchy skin. I tend to feel things in my hands. We are each unique, and it is up to us to discover our uniqueness.

Some of the BIG words that go with Pisces are Surrender, Trust, Forgiveness and being Non-Judgmental. So many people have difficulty with these. Trusting that things will work out, that the Universe is working for our benefit, that you are good enough, talented enough. Forgiving those who have hurt us, and forgiving ourselves.

Pisces also rules spiritual healing. That includes the practice of yoga and meditation. It involves angelic assistance and taking quiet time. It involves giving up the victim status and taking our power. It implores us to pick ourselves up and keep moving, to get down to work and stop putting things off, to deal with our disappointments and move on in joy. This month is indeed about spiritual healing.

Wow! What a lunar month we are in. We are being supported to grow in so many ways this month. There will be no difficulty in setting intent for this New Moon; if there is, give me a call. We will find something together that you can play with. I wish you a wonderful New Moon, filled with joy.


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