Healing Session:

A healing session with Diane includes an hour of Learning Path Integrated Technique (LPIT) and 30 minutes of Reiki. LPIT helps you to dig out what needs to be cleared and clears it. Reiki encourages the cells to relax and heal whatever needs to be healed. A perfect combo.

Cost: $136 or 4 sessions for $400 paid upfront – a savings of $144.


A clearing session that works at a deep level to help you release trauma. You do not re-experience anything to do with the event as the technique works at an unconscious level.

1 hour session $95

In Person or Distance


An energy treatment to help you to relax and restore balance.

Cost: 1 hour session $95

In Person or Distance

Axiatonal Alignment:

A short energy treatment that uses sacred geometry to help you align and focus on all levels.

Cost: 30 minutes $45

Crystal Grid:

Recline on the healing table, surrounded by crystals to ground and protect, to raise your vibration, to clear and energize.

Cost: 45 minutes $65

The Moon Combo:

Book and Axiatonal Alignment for New Moon and a crystal Grid for Full Moon, both on the Amethyst Biomat (28 lbs of crushed Amethyst with infared heat running through it – a little piece of heaven.

The combo is a savings of $29 when booked and payed for together. Doing it every month for a year takes you through the zodiac, the influence of all the astrological signs.

Cost: $81

Chakra Balancing with Reiki, LPIT and Pendulum:

When the Chakras are in balance, you feel more centred, calm and able to move forward.

1 hour: $95