Slow Down and Smell The Roses

In Aries, we did the pushing and focusing in the birth of our newness – new awareness, new ideas, new life structures, new ideas. Now it’s time to nurture ourselves after all that work to IMG_0019birth and also to nurture what we have created.
Taurus, the Bull, reminds us to slow down. As the bull, it generally takes it’s time, plodding, taking time to rest and rejuvenate, time to smell the roses along the journey.
Slowing down can be very difficult to do, to let go of the need to always be doing something. But when I slow down, take a good look at my activity – how much of it has actually served to move me forward either physically, mentally , emotionally or spiritually? And How much of it have I really enjoyed?
Those quiet times, those times of reflection, help us to be aware of beliefs that need to be shifted, ideas that have outlives their usefulness. As we grow older, we understand that it’s important to enjoy what we do, how we live. Learn that as early as possible – it’s what keeps us young.
So, your mission: Get out and take a walk. Look at the gardens you pass, stop and greet the new growth. Ask for a Robin to say “hello”. Greet the Sun, the Moon, the Wind, the Rain. Acknowledge them as part of your life – as part of you. Enjoy the scent of Spring – the lilacs will be out soon. By doing this, you nurture and appreciate Natures’ rebirth, and will feel that rebirth in yourself.
The Bull is also a stubborn creature. Push him too far and he’ll dig in his heels. He may be a patient one, but don’t get him angry.
So, Taurus teaches us about patience; patience is a virtue, remember? We’ve grown into a society demanding instant gratification, but dreams need time to grow, to flesh our, to manifest and be reworked as we change. Nothing is ever “done”. It’s all a work in progress – as are we. Allowing the time for things to percolate, allowing people to cahnge in their own time, is so satisfying, when you can do it.
The other side of the lesson is knowing when to draw the line – the point at which the bull charges with steam coming out of it’s nostrils (remember the cartoons?). What are your limits? Where are your boundaries? Self awareness is so important, so take some time in contemplation to discover your limits and your values.
Stubbornness can also lead to stagnation. That “I’m not going anywhere or trying anything new, especially if it was not my idea”. If you find that parts of your life have stagnated, where are you resisting change? Change is a constant in life on Earth. If you are stagnating, things need to be shaken up. Invite the change, welcome it. Try saying “Dear Universe, I am ready to accept the change that is needed in my life to help me move forward. Please help me be aware of, accept, and walk through any fear that may present itself on this new journey, and let me move forward with confidence.”
So, some questions to ask yourself:
  • Do I welcome change? If not, how can I be more open, more courageous?
  • Is there an area of my life that is stagnating? If so, how can I shift this lack of movement?
  • Do I understand what my core values are? If not, what are they?
This is a time of year when things start to open up, to blossom. Enjoy the process.

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