The Devil is in the Details

Virgo is an earth sign, reminding us that being grounded and connected to the earth is important for success. People who are not grounded may be great at seeing the big picture, but OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAto bring that picture into reality one needs to have laser focus and be able to clear up the details: things like reading the small print, anticipating needs and putting things in order. Being able to bring order out of chaos is a wonderful skill to have. Some people seem to do it naturally, others of us are just great at creating the chaos.
I am one of those big picture, ideas type of people. Running a business, a household, a life on earth, it becomes apparent rather quickly that the skill of dealing with the details is essential. So, I set out to grow and change.
I tended to flit from thing to thing, never so happy as when I had four or five projects in the works. It has been interesting for me to learn to focus on one project at a time. The key word is “focus”. That doesn’t mean that I got rid of the other four projects, it was learning to put them out of mind and bringing a laser focus to that one project I needed to work on.
I realized that in that moment the other projects were distractions, and I love to be distracted. Distractions always seem to be more interesting than what I need to do. I’ve had to recognize these distractions for what they are – things that keep me from being successful in my life.
Why do some of us like to be pulled away from what we need to do? Sometimes it’s fear of failure, sometimes fear of success. Sometimes we get bored easily. Whatever the reason, we need to work through it. Just doing what we need to do is an accomplishment, one we can celebrate. I do a lot of celebrating, and feel so much better about myself.
The next thing I had to learn is the ” it’s the journey, not the destination” thing. I found that I was rushing through things just to get them done. After all, that was the destination. I found I missed a lot of things in the process, so I learned to slow down. I learned to give a project the amount of time it needed. Often, that meant starting a lot sooner than I was, but that gave me the time to check and recheck what I had done. I learned to take time with decisions, to let things simmer, instead of just making a decision to get it off my plate.
And, I started grounding myself regularly.
Learning to bring laser focus to a project, having the patience to look at the details, to sit with something until I could see what needed to be done, has been a journey for me. I’ve learned to be more organized so I can find things when I need them, (although filing still defeats me) I’ve learned to check things once, then twice, then use my pendulum to see if I missed anything. Life is much richer and fulfilling, since I started my quest to find and appreciate the details.
So, what did I do?
  • Grounded myself
  • Focused on one thing at a time
  • Set aside plenty of time for a project
  • Learned to enjoy the process
  • Measured twice, cut once
  • Understood I am a work in progress
Good luck on your journey, and if this is one of your lessons, have fun with it.

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